Basically Boba

Student-run business aiming for authenticity, quality, and passion. Challenging the unhealthy stigma associated with boba one step at a time.



It All Started With Boba

Basically Boba was created out of my growing resentment towards the low-quality, unhealthy boba served in the Bay Area. Many boba shops chose to use cheaper and unhealthier alternatives to flavor their drinks — “fruit” syrups that are 99% high fructose corn syrup, “milk” powder that doesn’t even contain real dairy, and tea leaves reused beyond their capacity just to save some money.

We believe in providing high-quality boba drinks using the healthiest and freshest ingredients; crafted by the best brew. No powders. No syrups. No artificial additives. Basically put, we use premium loose-leaf tea and boba sourced from the highest quality tea vendors from Taiwan.

What We Did:

  • Created a Free No-Contact Home Delivery System
  • Developed Original Drinks Using High-Quality Ingredients from Taiwanese Vendors
  • Donated Over 1000$ from Hundreds of Drinks to Multiple Nonprofit Organizations

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